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Irish Startup nSurely Rebrands to Inaza After Recent Growth

From now on, we will no longer be known as nSurely. Now, our company is called Inaza.

(Dublin – July 22, 2022) - nSurely, an Irish insuretech platform, has rebranded itself as Inaza to encapsulate the company’s evolving identity. Inaza is an end-to-end insurtech platform, powered by big data and AI. From its inception, it has been growing its suite of services and applications across the insurance space and beyond. The startup now has partnerships and clients spanning three continents. 

The name, Inaza, embodies the company’s trajectory. Aravind Ravi, CEO of Inaza, spoke about the change: “nSurely was a great name that spoke to our early efforts. Initially, we aspired to be a modular usage-based insurance platform that can help any insurer deploy in under one week. We were fortunate to recently achieve this goal by doing a “pilot” with an Incumbent. But as we built our platform, we found the modularity and the breadth of features it encompassed meant it could be used to solve more bespoke distribution and underwriting problems, beyond just UBI. This evolution of the platform has been pivotal for our growth and we believe it is important to encapsulate our new identity within a fitting name.”

Inaza is made up of two components: “In” and “aza”. The “In is about more than just Insurance—it evokes the innovation the company brings to understanding risk, environmental data, and human behaviour. It’s a testament to the insights Inaza draws, helping drivers get places safer and giving insurers a better perspective on their claims. It speaks to the inspiration the team feels to push the needle forward and create a better, smarter, safer future. 

With “aza,” the goal was to speak to the comprehensive nature of the platform. According to CTO Niall Crowley, “We have built a truly end-to-end, three-layer big data platform for insurance. The applications enabled by the platform can perform dynamic/algorithmic underwriting based on real-time insights about customer behaviour and environmental risk, build hyper-personalized insurance products by tracking usage, have detailed crash data for claims processing, and more.” Hence, “aza”—the team covers everything from A to Z to A. Inaza aspires to be the most sophisticated data stack possible, by covering the entire breadth of the insurance lifecycle while delivering value to every stakeholder along the way.

Inaza successfully closed its oversubscribed first round of €535,000 at the end of 2021 and has been accelerating ever since. The startup will be conducting another investment round in Q4 of this year.

About Inaza:

Inaza is an Irish-based insurtech startup, founded in 2021 by Aravind Ravi, Niall Crowley, and Dan Foley. The company offers a connected data platform for insurance.Their ability to process risk data in real time  helps  insurers launch innovative products (like UBI) and while gaining powerful, AI-driven insights that guide their underwriting operations. 

Please go to for more information on Inaza.

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