The Connected Data Platform for Insurance

Improve your auto insurance loss ratio by quickly tapping into new streams of data

Inaza Risk Scores Inaza Alerts for Mobile Usage and Traffic
 Inaza Risk Scores
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Simple, fast access to new risk data

Save time on integrations - save money with insights

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Connected Cars

Tap into the massive streams of data being produced from OEMs without the cost and time overheads

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Straight-Through Processing

Create scalable and robust data pipelines to achieve straight-through processing for claims, underwriting, and more

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AI Real-Time Risk

Make policy holders aware of risks as they emerge using our Environmental and Behavioral risk processors

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Alternative Data

Easily integrate with new sources of data to arrive at the true price of risk

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Usage-Based Insurance

Collect new data points while providing value to the policy holders

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Integration Middleware

Pre-made integrations between you and a world of data and market opportunities

Find the true price of risk today

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The modern underwriting data stack

We make it easy for you to access, analyze and action massive volumes of data
that make an instant impact on your loss ratio.

Inaza Data Enrichment Functions

Access new data quickly

Our Connectors and no-code ETL makes it easy to manage hundreds of integration points. Inaza acts as your composable middleware for consuming new data points from enrichers and partners.

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Connected Vehicle Data
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Geospatial Contextual Data
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Alternative Data

Analyze data in real-time

We provide plug-and-play stream processors on our marketplace that are ready at the click of a button. And if you want ultimate flexibility, upload your own processors directly to the cluster.

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Environmental/Contextual Risk
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Real-Time Behavioral Risk
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Claims FNOL and Fraud
Connected vehicle data middleware and processingInaza Weather Alerts for auto insurance
Inaza Data Source Sink

Act on actionable insights

Once you have your insights, put them to work by easily sending them to legacy systems of your choice or use one of our white-labelled solutions.

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Risk Prevention
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Pricing Matrix Factors

Each team can benefit

Deploy as a standalone risk analytics platform or even release a whole new insurance program - it's up to you!

Underwriting teams

Get access to data that can make a material impact on your loss ratio - all sent to a system you already work with

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Engineering teams

A force multiplier for your team so you can focus on new features, not integration and infrastructure tasks

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Claims teams

Validate and observe claims data in real-time so you can reduce fraudulent claims and bad data

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What's possible...

Property insurance claims capture and fraud detection

Claims capture

Capture claims from thousands of operators and instantly enrich, validate and process claims, while rejecting or flagging fraudulent ones

Automated document verification

Reduce manual intervention when checking documents, we have pre-built pipelines using Generative AI and Image/Text Recognition that do the work for you

Dynamic underwriting for auto insurance

Dynamic underwriting

Dynamically vary rates based on real-time data such as contextual, environmental and behavioral risk

Inaza Connected Data Platform for Motor Insurance

Data stream pricing enrichment

Gather and process terabytes of new insights without the integration headaches

Inaza Risk Prevention

Real-time risk prevention

Stop claims before they occur by seeing risks and making policy holders aware before the worst happens

Micro mobility solutions for the insurance market

Partner middleware

New mobility solutions are entering the market fast. Each providing hundreds of new data points. We make it easy to integrate and analyse these solutions so you can grow your GWP without affecting your loss ratio

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