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Our data enrichment service (DES) provides a unique set of APIs and datasets that make your underwriting and claims process more intelligent.

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Seamless API Integration for Real-Time Underwriting and Claims Processing

Our suite of APIs you can find in DES will unlock a new world of real-time underwriting and claims processing. With native integration into Decoder, you don’t even need to worry about setting it up.

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Claims Image Recognition

Automatically create damage reports based on a few images

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Geo-Spacial Queries

Use GPS coordinates to gain insights about weather, location, and timing

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AI Vehicle Analysis

Leverage AI visualization technology to identify and analyze vehicles for data-driven automations.  

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Generative AI & Recognition

Access our insurance-focused LLMs to integrate documents and extract critical information

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Commercial Use Detection

Instantly ascertain a vehicle’s likeliness for use in commercial purposes 

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Environmental Risk

Use GPS technology and speed to determine the risk of an accident

Inaza Connected vehicle data middleware and processing

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