Decoder: the Connected Data Platform

Effortlessly connect to new and existing data sources, process them in real time, and create meaningful risk solutions and automations that improve loss ratio

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Decoder makes it simple to integrate with its plug-and-play data sources and tools. 

Experience hassle-free integration in your operations with Decoder's plug-and-play data sources and tools. Our solution streamlines Straight Through Processing (STP), enhancing efficiency and decision-making in real-time.

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Rapid Loss Ratio Improvement

Transform your loss ratio significantly within months.

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Underwriting Efficiency

Enhance the efficiency of your underwriting teams for optimal performance.

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Claims Team Productivity

Boost the productivity of your claims teams with streamlined processes.

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Swift Onboarding

Experience a smooth transition with onboarding in just one week.

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Tech Resource Optimization

Achieve your goals with minimal use of tech resources.

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Legacy System Integration

Seamlessly integrate with legacy systems without disrupting existing workflows.

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How Decoder Works

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Access new data quickly

Easily manage hundreds of integration points—Decoder is your composable middleware for consuming new data from enrichers and partners.

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Analyze data in real time

Our plug-and-play marketplace stream processors are ready at the click of a button. You can even upload your own processors directly to your cluster.

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Act on actionable insights

Send your insights to your legacy systems or use one of our white-labelled solutions. Empower your teams with increased efficiency and flexibility.

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Data Enrichment System (DES)

Our data enrichment service (DES) helps give you powerful insights and automations, thanks to combining our proprietary datasets and models with third-party data from external sources. Built-in AI and real time data processing, our DES provides everything from claims image recognition, document interrogation and environmental risk and everything in between. 

Explore DES