Use AI to Analyze Vehicles 

Our visualization technology uses AI to identify and analyze vehicles, for data-driven automations.  

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Advanced AI-Driven Image Recognition

Our AI technology streamlines image recognition, extracting essential information from image files of all types, allowing you to make actionable insights. Not only can you identify the make and model of a car or read a license plate, but the AI can identify vehicle damage and fill out forms accordingly. 

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High-Speed, High-Accuracy Processing

Achieve up to 95% accuracy in data extraction and analysis, ensuring reliable results.

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License Plate to VIN Conversion

Efficiently extract Vehicle Identification Numbers (VIN) from license plates for streamlined processing.

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Vehicle Detail Extraction from Images

Seamlessly gather detailed vehicle information directly from image files.

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Business Logo Textualization

Convert business logo images into plain text for easy identification and analysis.

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License Plate Image Decoding

Transform images of license plates into readable plain text, enhancing data accessibility.

Inaza Data Enrichment Functions

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