A.I. Email Automation for Insurance and Underwriting

No more sorting emails, attachments, and crafting emails. Create an A.I. email agent and powerful data warehouse.

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Boost Efficiency with AI

Streamline your insurance operations with our AI email automation. From smart data extraction to proactive outreach and instant escalations, our platform enhances efficiency and service quality.

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Automated Data Extraction

Our platform extracts, cleanses, and stores email information for easy access, boosting productivity and data access for underwriting and claims.

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Automated Outreach

Our platform identifies and rectifies missing or incorrect data, such as a missing policy ID on a claim FNOL email or policy endorsement, automatically sending requests for necessary information. This ensures all data is accurate and up-to-date without manual intervention.

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Intelligent Assessment

Our platform prioritizes and escalates critical claims and underwriting requests, such as those involving loss of life or high-risk policies. By discerning emotional undertones, it delivers compassionate, personalized support, enhancing the customer experience.

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Instant Escalation

Quickly address high-priority issues with our intelligent escalation system. It instantly alerts managers when detecting attorney correspondence or a loss of life, ensuring critical cases are handled promptly and sensitively, enhancing trust in your organization's responsiveness.

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Comprehensive Reporting

Track claims, underwriting, and performance indicators, ensuring thorough processing and continuous optimization through detailed reporting.

Unlocking Enhanced Performance

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Streamlined Operations

Enhance efficiency with automated workflows that free up your team to focus on delivering superior client service.

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Improved Accuracy and Responsiveness

Enjoy precise data management and quick responses that enhance your trust and satisfaction.

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