The New Age of Digital Insurance

Our Platform-as-a-Service is a unified collection of APIs & SDKs tailored for insurers

usage-based insurance platform for mobility insurance

The Connected Data Platform

Build out your usage-based insurance stack on our full-service platform

Legacy Friendly

We provide layers of integration to make the switch easy and friendly to your legacy systems.

Ready-to-go Solutions

Use our white-labelled app and production-ready APIs to deliver the product you want.

Deploy Anywhere

Create a fully managed, hybrid-cloud or on-prem deployment with scalability in mind.

automated insurance technology brokers car manufacturers mobility providers

Discover the True Price of Risk

Use AI, real-time processing, and alternative data sources to create
the most accurate risk score possible for all users.

RiskWhy real-time?
personalized insurance cover for auto and motor insurance

Personalized insurance cover

real-time risk pricing for UBI insurance

Dynamic risk based pricing

accurate insurance underwriting for usage based insurance

Improved underwriting performance

Reduction of claims for usage based motor insurance

Reduce frequency of claims

Launch New Insurance Products Tomorrow

Create modular insurance offerings lightning-fast with pre-built, white-labelled solutions

Embedded InsuranceLegacy Integrations
fast onboarding of insurance technology

1-week onboarding time

Reduced overheads for usage based insurance technology

Reduced overheads

legacy system integration for insurance

Vertical integration

System data reconciliation for insurance

Automated system reconciliation

Deliver the Products Your Customers Want

Offer white-labelled dynamic insurance solutions, like usage-based insurance (UBI) and temporary insurance.

Usage-based InsuranceShort-term Insurance
White-labelled app for android and iOS for usage based telematics tracking insurance

Full stack mobile application platform

Automated cover for auto and motor insurance

Provide cover to millions of drivers simultaneously

API access to usage based insurance

Seamless integrations with our APIs & SDKs

iOS and android UBI app

Available for iOS and Android

What makes Inaza different?

Go to market fast

Our agnostic tech stack and legacy-friendly integration allows our customers to launch their usage-based insurance scheme in record time.

This puts us in a league of our own, providing insurers and underwriters the ability to launch a UBI platform (or transform their existing one) in days, not months.

Alternate data sources

The jury is in. Regular telematics that track driver behaviour does not have a material effect on claims.
That's why we use alternative data to build a clear picture of the cause of accidents.

We predict accidents before they happen to reroute or alert the driver, rather than punishing them after the fact.

Plug & Play

Make it yours.

Increase GWP

Scale up your existing offering and reach new markets, both domestic and abroad.

Reduce Claims

Implement risk mitigation techniques to reduce the frequency of claims and improve your loss ratio.

Fast deployment

Our solution is ready to go and ready to be white-labelled by your operation.

Ready to
Get Started

See how Inaza can transform your insurance offering

Our Partners

Inaza is a part of Plug and Play Insurtech
Enterprise Ireland is providing guidance and funding support to nSurely.