Quantum Alliance Sees 30% Efficiency Gain with Inaza

Quantum saw a 30% reduction in non-core tasks in just a few weeks - now their underwriting team can focus on what matters.

Revolutionizing Insurance with Inaza's True STP

In a strategic alliance aimed at optimizing underwriting efficiency, Inaza partnered with its client Quantum Alliance, a prominent MGA headquartered in Texas. This collaboration centered on refining Quantum's underwriting process, delivering impressive results while preserving their established workflow.

This partnership marks the inaugural phase of a transformative journey. Currently, Inaza's solutions have yielded a notable 30% reduction in Quantum's underwriting workload in just a few weeks. Our trajectory remains focused on automating 100% of Quantum's underwriting processes, achieving true straight-through processing. This phased approach underscores our dedication to leveraging AI for operational excellence and sets the stage for ongoing innovation in underwriting efficiency.

Transforming Underwriting Efficiency with Inaza

30% Underwriting Effort Reduction

Quantum Alliance experienced a remarkable 30% reduction in underwriting workload and related costs through Inaza's AI integration, ushering in a new era of streamlined operations.

Enhanced Precision in Underwriting

Inaza's adoption of Language Language Models (LLMs) and Data Enrichment Services (DES) significantly improved data processing accuracy for Quantum Alliance, ensuring precise decision-making and minimizing errors.

Innovation in Underwriting Practices

Inaza's Decoder platform, including advanced features like commercial vehicle use detection, has revolutionized Quantum Alliance's underwriting methods, driving innovation and efficiency.

Elevated Experience for Agents and Customers

Quantum Alliance's agents and customers benefit from Inaza's automated communication systems, receiving instant notifications and streamlined fixes, resulting in heightened satisfaction levels across the board.

Workflow Integration and Discount Validation

Inaza optimized Quantum Alliance's underwriting workflows with enriched data integration and advanced verification techniques, ensuring precise decisions and minimizing errors. Inaza ensured accuracy in agency transfer discounts for Quantum Alliance by rigorously verifying documents like insurance cards and Letters of Experience. This streamlined process minimizes errors, enhancing operational efficiency.

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