Usage Based Motor Insurance Solutions

Unlock the power of usage-based insurance, including PHYD and PAYD models, to enhance customer satisfaction, optimize underwriting, and increase profitability with Inaza's advanced solutions.

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Usage-Based Insurance Solutions to Drive Growth and Customer Satisfaction

Launching usage-based insurance (UBI) programs can be complex and time-consuming, but with Inaza's connected data platform, it's easier than ever to get started. Our platform provides seamless integration capabilities with various data sources, allowing you to quickly set up and launch UBI programs tailored to your business needs.

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Usage-based Pricing

Offer usage-based pricing and coverage options to incentivize safe driving behavior and improve customer satisfaction.

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Real-time Monitoring

Monitor driving behavior and environmental risk factors in real-time, allowing for immediate risk management actions and improved underwriting decisions.

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Risk Scoring

Utilize advanced risk scoring algorithms to calculate risk levels based on real-time data insights, leading to more accurate pricing and improved underwriting.

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Behavioral Analysis

Analyze driving behavior to identify risk patterns and optimize underwriting for personalized pricing and coverage options.

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Experience the Benefits of Usage-Based Insurance (UBI)

With Inaza's connected data platform, you can easily launch usage-based insurance programs that are tailored to your business needs. By utilizing real-time data insights and advanced risk scoring algorithms, you can optimize underwriting and pricing decisions, leading to increased profitability and customer satisfaction.

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Incentivize Safe Driving

Offer usage-based pricing and coverage options to incentivize safe driving behavior and improve customer loyalty.

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Accurate Risk Assessment

Collect detailed data on driving behavior and environmental risk factors, allowing for accurate risk assessments and optimized underwriting decisions.

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