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Discover a world of data and insights for motor insurance with our marketplace of innovative data providers and solutions.

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Unlock the Power of Data with Inaza's Marketplace

Our marketplace of data providers offers a wide range of data sources, from connected cars to weather patterns, to help motor insurers improve their underwriting processes and create innovative coverage options.

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Wide Range of Data Providers

Inaza's marketplace offers a diverse range of data providers, enabling motor insurers to access a variety of data sources and make better underwriting decisions.

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Streamlined Procurement Process

Our platform streamlines the procurement process by providing a centralized marketplace for motor insurers to browse and purchase data services.

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Customizable Data Packages

We offer customizable data packages to suit your specific business needs, ensuring you have the data you need to make informed underwriting decisions.

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Real-time Data Feeds

Our marketplace provides real-time data feeds, giving you access to the latest data and insights as they happen.

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Discover the Best Data Providers for Your Motor Insurance Business Today

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Gain a Competitive Edge with Our Marketplace of Diverse and Unconventional Data Sources

Inaza's connected data platform is designed to help motor insurers optimize their underwriting processes and drive growth. Our platform offers a range of value propositions that can help you unlock the full potential of your motor insurance business.

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Increased GWP and Reduced Loss Ratio

By leveraging the power of diverse data sources, you can identify new growth opportunities and optimize pricing and coverage, resulting in increased GWP and reduced loss ratio.

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Improved Risk Management

With access to a wider range of data sources, you can make more informed underwriting decisions, resulting in more accurate risk assessments and improved underwriting profitability.

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